Steering your business in a new direction.

For many companies, efficient fleet management and assets operations is the key to growth and winning new business.

OnTrak Tracking provides the tools to help your company achieve the maximum benefit from your mobile assets, allowing your business to improve productivity and increase profitability.

If your fleet management safety program is like most, it is designed to protect your most precious commodity, your employees. An emphasis on driver safety is at the forefront in reducing motor carrier accident rates. Consider the findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding motor vehicle crashes. NHTSA reports that at least ninety percent of accidents are related to human error.

There is no doubt that you want your drivers to stay safe. The cost of accidents involving fatalities or injury is immeasurable. Safe driving also lessens the risk of collision and damage to both your fleet and cargo. Most companies find real time driving coaching tools act as a proactive approach to providing an enhanced safety protocol.

Driver Coaching and Fleet Risk Management

Your business likely screens and selects professional drivers based on their experience and training. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. One of the challenges of fleet management is coaching drivers. How do you currently monitor your drivers and address safety concerns?

Most fleet management safety programs include a hands on approach. A senior driver may be requested to do a ride along to assess and train other vehicle operators. But, what about the use of technology?

Ontrak Solutions offers integrated instantaneous 3G camera video and tracking solutions. These can easily be used as real time coaching tools. Live driver safety reports determine if there are issues with a number of potentially unsafe actions. These include driver scoring for improper maneuvering, severe acceleration, harsh braking and aggressive cornering events.

Real time coaching tools enable fleet managers to detect unsafe driving and tailor individual training to conform to company expectations. Drivers are also aware of the video tools and instinctively self-correct to avoid confrontation.

As a fully integrated vehicle GPS tracking system, companies are able to locate their fleet instantaneously. This is particularly useful when it comes to pinpointing accidents or other trigger events.

Accident Management Tool

Accident prevention is the obvious goal of most fleet managers. Encouraging driver safety through observation and training is crucial. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen.

In the case of an accident, Ontrak Solutions offers solutions that are instrumental in accident management. Our system accurately registers speed with GPS data recording. In addition, G-force data is frequently recorded, as are harsh driving events.

Instant upload of video, telemetry and mapping data are all available for retrieval. Ontrak Solutions systems are extremely useful for accident reconstruction.

Our tools are the key to lowering fuel usage, decreasing idle time, and getting live updates on optimal routes. You’ll see lower costs, less frustration, shorter trip times, and you’ll be helping the environment.

Increase Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Ontrak Solutions Vehicle Camera and Tracking solutions are optimal when it comes to saving costs to improve fleet fuel efficiency. The track and log vehicle journey history encourages vehicle usage optimization.

Idle time is a big issue when it comes to issues with fuel efficiency. Trucks and other fleet vehicles may find themselves stuck in traffic. Both delivery vehicles and emergency responders often let the engine idle during stops. Minimizing idle time is not just a matter of fuel efficiency. It is also better for the environment.

Drivers are made aware of driving habits that may increase fuel consumption. This may mean avoiding rapid acceleration and quick braking. Shifting techniques can also increase the amount of fuel used, as can less than smooth smarts.

Route planning can be made easier with Ontrak Solutions tools, with an emphasis on fuel optimization. Live updates allow drivers to change paths to avoid adverse traffic conditions. Drivers who must make frequent gear changes also use a large amount of fuel. This may be circumvented with live alerts.

Fleet managers are all aware that a healthy vehicle performs the best. Ontrak Solutions tools have the ability to carry out a whole fleet health check.

Fuel costs are an expensive part of most fleet operations. Monitoring drivers and training them is quite effective. An improvement in fleet fuel efficiency can improve your company’s bottom line. Making sure your fleet is maintained properly will also save costs. The solution to productivity is always crucial.

When it comes to compliance, your company deserves the best solutions in the industry. You may feel overwhelmed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements. Or, think that reporting mileage to comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is cumbersome.

Make no mistake. Compliance is challenging. Technology is a definite plus. What’s imperative is finding tools that work. And, are easy to use.

Ontrak Solutions offers solutions that make compliance less stressful. You can rest easier knowing that your drivers are equipped with electronic logging devices (ELDs) that accurately automate records.

Are you looking for a mileage by state solution to comply with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting requirements? Of course, you need one. Think how such a tool would simplify your compliance efforts.

It’s not just about freeing up your time to attend to other tasks. It’s much more than that. Ontrak Solutions’ compliance solutions are reliable. Since your business is bound by law, it is crucial to have the right tools that you can count on. And, don’t struggle to use.

Electronic Logging Devices

What do you know about ELDs? First, did you know the FMSCA has a number of requirements? If you are dealing with compliance issues, you want to make sure that what you give your drivers meets with government expectations.

Ontrak Solutions ELD solutions meet the FMSCA’s technical specifications concerning electronic logging devices. They aren’t just an onboard recording device. Count on them as being certified and registered in compliance with government mandates.

How do they work? For starters, they operate whenever the fleet vehicle is turned on. The magic is in tracking technology. Trace reports are produced by each fleet vehicle and customized by the driver. Complete journey histories are delineated. Every stop and go is recorded. Of course, all mileage is completely documented.

State by State IFTA Reporting Tool

You know it. All of the 48 lower states and Canada have fuel tax reporting requirements. And, yes, they are different in most jurisdictions. If your fleet doesn’t limit its business to just one state, you know the importance of putting together good IFTA records.

Some fleet managers find that IFTA compliance issues are extremely burdensome. That’s where Ontrak Solutions come into play. They do the job for you. Automation and reliability.

Our proprietary software is up to date. You don’t need to know the changes in requirements. Leave that work to us.

The Benefit of Telematics Compliance Solutions

You know the issues with failing to comply with government regulations. Intervention means downtime. The noticeable effect? A financial one on your business.

Ontrak Solutions compliance solutions save you time and money. And, ease of mind.

Safety. Efficiency. Compliance. All important aspects of every fleet business. Dealing with insurance companies is also a reality. Ontrak Solutions can help make the job faster and painless. And, less costly.

Insurance Premium Costs

Insurance premium costs are a significant part of the overhead of every fleet business. A few things add to the price. Most fleet risk management teams understand them. Ontrak Solutions’ tracking and real-time coaching tools help reduce insurance premiums.

More importantly? Our clients see an actual decline in the number of claims. Some have experienced an up to a sixty percent reduction in accident frequency. Certainly a factor in determining premium costs.

Safer Drivers

Why is there a decline in accident frequency with Ontrak Solutions’ solutions? One word. Safety. Your drivers will be monitored to ensure they are properly operating your vehicle. And, when they are not, you will work to coach them. The outcome will be safer drivers.

Fleet Tracking

Unfortunately, fleet and cargo loss are a prospective nightmare for every fleet risk manager. Insurance companies recognize the practicality of GPS devices when it comes to recovering valuable property. A definite asset in reducing premium costs and prospective claims.

Claim Cost Reduction

Ontrak Solutions solutions are valuable when it comes to reducing claim costs up to forty percent. This means lower legal fees and much faster case resolution times.

Wondering why? They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. If that’s so, live video is the novel approach. Here are some reasons that Ontrak Solutions solutions can help reduce claim costs and contribute to faster case resolution:

  • Instantaneous live video of accidents or harsh driving incidents
  • Video can be uploaded to insurance adjusters with ease
  • Transmission of speed, GPS position, and G-force data all recorded frequently
  • Ability to prove driver innocence
  • Track and log vehicle journey history
  • G-force documentation can even help mitigate false whiplash claims