Industry-driven solutions.

When it comes to vehicle and asset management, each industry has a unique set of needs and challenges.

Ontrak Solutions provides the tools for you to improve your bottom line via fully managed software solutions.

Efficiency and safety is the name of the game.

  • It’s imperative that your drivers are operating your vehicles safely.
  • Obviously, you want them out of harm’s way at all times.
  • There is also the issue of your fleet and its cargo.
  • And, of course, concerns about others on the road.

That’s why Ontrak Solutions’ real-time tracking tools are indispensable for any logistics company.

Imagine the luxury of going out with your drivers on every run.

Our solution allows you to remotely monitor your drivers. You don’t even have to be in your office. Use a smart phone to determine crucial details. Discover if your operators drive erratically or brake abruptly. Ontrak Solutions’ tools will also monitor stops and starts. You can use all of this information to coach your drivers and make them even better at their jobs.

As a fleet manager of a logistics company, you need to know where your trucks are at all times. The benefit of GPS tracking makes this a simple task. Your ability to monitor your fleet’s location has several advantages. It might mean maximizing productivity by rerouting trucks. Real-time tracking also adds a security net to your fleet. It enables you to find stolen vehicles and bring them back home.

Some trucking businesses tell us that they have concerns about drivers using their vehicle for personal reasons. This often becomes a non-issue once our solution is in place. There is no debate about the documentation provided by an instant view vehicle camera. As a result, most drivers avoid unauthorized use of the vehicle. And, if they do go off course, you will know about it.

Are compliance tasks a hassle?

Ontrak Solutions helps you monitor and record driver hours. You are assured of accurate and detailed information.

industry driven solutions

Cut Down on Costs

The bottom line is that Ontrak Solutions solutions can help you save money. Your drivers will become more efficient. You may even cut down on insurance costs. Any claims made against your company will be easier to verify or even deny.

Successful construction companies all have one thing in common…

they protect their assets.

Whether it’s monitoring drivers, safeguarding equipment or delivering cargo unharmed, you can trust Ontrak Solutions to get the job done right.

How do we help construction companies?

Ontrak Solutions systems integrate seamlessly with any size construction vehicle or construction equipment your company may have. Backhoes, excavators, graders, bulldozers, trenchers, scrapers, trucks, the list goes on!

With constant video monitoring, you can be assured your equipment is safe and sound. Absolutely vital for larger, expensive construction equipment that your company can’t live without.
Ensure drivers are exhibiting caution when driving, by monitoring speed and braking. Use your findings to make them aware of concerning behavior. Safer drivers mean preservation of your assets as a whole.
Want to see if your construction vehicles are on location? Worried that materials have not reached the job site? With our GPS tracking, you can instantly find your construction equipment. And, make necessary determinations concerning your work in progress.
When necessary, you can provide directions to your drivers and suggest better routing options. This will help with fuel efficiency. You’ll even know when your fleet operators are letting their engines idle for extended periods. And, be able to address the issues associated with long time idles.
No one likes to think about accident claims. Just about everyone is concerned about their validity. Ontrak Solutions has the ability to help disprove if your company was to blame for an accident. It’s as easy as reviewing video footage. On an immediate basis.
And, then there are the times when there is no question that your driver did something wrong. The insurance company will be able to mitigate claims faster with clear evidence of the accident scene.

Save Money

Your investment in Ontrak Solutions is actually a chance to save in a couple of ways. You may pay lower insurance premiums and experience lower claim costs. You will be able to reduce fuel expenditure. You will have the ability to track your vehicles and protect your assets.

Of course, your biggest savings will pan out in security. You will feel safer with video and tracking tools.

Managing a fleet of field service vehicles?

Plumbers, electric, cable, and other service organizations all need to keep track of company cars or vans. Ontrak Solutions is a definite asset to any business dispatching vehicles to work sites.

With GPS real-time tracking tools, you will know where your vehicle and assets are at all times.

Ensure that your drivers are using the best route possible and are not diverting from planned routes. Eliminate conflicting information concerning stop and starts. Ontrak Solutions solutions are an incredible means of improving business opportunities and enhancing customer service.

Need to add a stop to an already planned route? Not sure which vehicle is closest to the additional job?

Real time tracking tools give you the ability to review the locations of all of your vehicles instantaneously. Dispatch new work or reroute service technicians based on availability.

Your drivers don’t have to  worry about cumbersome maps or backed up traffic. Ontrak Solutions systems are equipped with alerts and suggested shortcuts to make more productive use of time.

Cut Risks, Protect Assets

Owning a fleet of vehicles puts your organization at risk. You want to ensure your drivers are following your safety requirements. Your goal is to make sure they are not in harm’s way and that your assets are protected. Obviously, you hope to avoid accidental damage at all costs.

Monitoring & Video Backup

Ontrak Solutions tools can monitor the way your drivers handle your service vehicles. You will be able to determine acceleration and braking patterns. G-force sensors will enable you to detect harsh driving of all types. And, that’s not all.

Video backup is your virtual assistant when it comes to what Ontrak Solutions can do for the service industry. Our instant view camera actually puts you on the scene. If one of your vehicles is involved in a collision, you will be able to review the feed. And, produce evidence to the authorities and your insurance company.

Services Industries Benefit from Technology

There’s an old way of doing things and the right way. Ontrak Solutions offers a superior means of protecting, monitoring and managing your fleet.

Manage a fleet of delivery vehicles?

We can help you list your priorities.

Safe transport

Keep your cargo and staff safe.

Quick delivery

Get to your destinations ahead of schedule.

Protect assets

Your vehicle and it’s cargo are protected.

You need solutions that help you get the job done.

Without them, your business could suffer.

What does your company deliver?

It could be small packages, groceries or furniture. Perhaps your business delivers food and beverages to restaurants or retail establishments. You may deliver to dealerships or construction sites. Whatever you transport, someone is waiting for your product. It’s, therefore, important that you get it there expeditiously.

Our solutions are perfect for tracking your vehicles and cargo.

The use of GPS real-time tracking gives you immediate access to your fleet’s location. You can also determine whether your drivers are cutting safety corners.

What do we mean?

Consider a tool that actually monitors whether your delivery team is speeding or neglecting safety issues. Are vehicles left to idle and thus wasting gas? With this information, you have the opportunity to coach your drivers to improve their driving behavior.

Every delivery vehicle can benefit from an instant video view camera.

Document any claims made by your employees or third parties. If your vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle collision, you will be able to review the video and provide it to others for evaluation.

You want to make sure your deliveries are made on time.

Ontrak Solutions will help you manage delivery times. Real-time traffic alerts give you a sense of where route adjustments are appropriate. Have concerns that your drivers are diverting from their assigned routes? Assess routes with specially designed tools. See your entire fleet and provide better customer service when customers call looking for their delivery.

Locate your vehicles right from your phone

Ontrak Solutions offers fleet risk managers the security that they can locate their vehicles from a smart phone. The total package just makes the delivery business easier.

Does your fleet consist of waste management vehicles?

Whether you are a government or commercial entity, you have particular concerns. The transport of waste is subject to government regulations.

Ontrak Solutions can assist you with safety, compliance and efficiency issues.

There are limitations on where both solid waste and hazardous waste trucks are permitted to travel. With its superior GPS tracking systems, Ontrak Solutions solutions help ensure that your drivers are compliant with acceptable routes. Take note of any deviations that could put your business at risk.

Worried about driver safety and performance?

Ontrak Solutions offers can help alleviate your concerns. Video footage allows you instant access to your vehicle. You can also monitor whether your drivers travel at too high a speed. Or, if they have a habit of slamming on the brakes.

It’s an investment to hire employees. Retention is a concern in every industry. Ontrak Solutions allows you to work with your drivers. Train them the way you want them to work.

What else is important?


Ontrak Solutions can help cut down on fuel. You will be able to take a proactive role in the usage of waste management vehicles. You will also have access to tools that track everything from a quick stop and go, to mileage. You will know when fuel is wasted because a driver thought idling was acceptable. And, make sure idling is not a common event.

Fleet managers who oversee waste management vehicles traveling across state lines will enjoy the ease in reporting fuel taxes in compliance with IFTA. The same goes for those who need ELDs to comply with federal regulations.

Accident Claims

A primary consideration for waste management businesses is concerns about accident claims. The beauty of Ontrak Solutions is that it doesn’t just regard collisions. Video footage will also document spills. This is often a concern for businesses that transport waste.

Insurance premiums may be reduced when waste management systems employ Ontrak Solutions systems. They are well-respected tools in the industry and help prevent loss.

What are some of your biggest challenges as a fleet manager in the taxi and limousine industry?

Our clients tell us that safety is their biggest concern.

After all, transporting passengers is precious cargo.

How can Ontrak Solutions help you?

Our solutions deal with safety issues first. Determine the driving patterns of your drivers.

Do you find a pattern of excessive acceleration or harsh braking?
Does one of your taxi or limousine drivers seem to put themselves or others at risk?

You need a system that can monitor driver behavior patterns.

One that help you with real-time coaching. Make your drivers aware that you can track their activity. The combination will make for a safer team.

Ontrak Solutions solutions also include GPS tracking tools.

Locate your taxi and limousine fleet at all points. Dispatch them by their locations. Alert your drivers to adverse traffic conditions so that they consider alternative routes.

What if one of your taxis or limousines is in an accident?

It’s as if you are there. You will have access to instant video of the scene. Even whiplash claims are mitigated easier with a record of G-force data.

Improve your Business Opportunities

The taxi and limousine industry is competitive. Increase your reputation by providing safe and efficient service. The best are always in demand.

Reduce insurance costs. We know the price of insurance can be high. Most carriers reduce premiums when they learn your company is using Ontrak Solutions video and tracking technology.

Ensure drivers are making efficient use of fuel.

Want to know if they let their engines idle while waiting for fares? Ontrak Solutions’ tools can provide you with information regarding idling. Helping you save on fuel costs.

Do you manage a fleet of buses?

Then, you know the importance of the safe transport of both children and adult passengers.

Ontrak Solutions tools help you protect and manage your vehicles and the people on them.

As a fleet manager for any size bus company, you need to know where your buses are at all times. You operate on timetables and want to make sure that your drivers make it to their scheduled stops. If parents or school officials express concerns about the location of a bus, you need the ability to provide them with information instantly.

Safety is crucial for bus operators. You don’t have to wait for passengers to bring back tales claiming poor driver performance. You will be able to monitor driver behavior in real-time from a remote location. Check to see if your bus operators are using excessive speed. Determine whether they slam on the brakes indiscriminately.

You most likely were very careful in your selection of bus operators. The ability to observe them without being there is quite useful. Bus drivers will know they are being monitored and instinctively practice good driving habits to avoid discussions with management. Nonetheless, supervisors can use Ontrak Solutions tools as training aids for driver coaching.

Worried that your drivers may be wasting fuel?

If it’s a question of leaving a bus idling, you will also be able to track this information. If you are concerned that fuel is wasted when a bus goes off route, you can address this as well.

What if a bus does need to take an alternate course?

Ontrak Solutions GPS real-time tracking includes traffic issues and suggested shortcuts. And, if you need to dispatch another bus to a location? Find out where your fleet is at all times and select the closest and most available bus.

trucking industry gps solutions

Buses Benefit from Instant View Cameras

Add to your fleet’s security with the use of Ontrak Solutions Instant View Vehicle Camera. The benefits are endless. Take control of what is happening on a bus while it is going on. You will feel like you are on board.

Worried about accident claims?

Document and review any and all incidents. Ontrak Solutions solutions allow you to determine possible liability. You will also receive information concerning G-force data. Cut down on insurance demands.

Like all businesses, there is a risk in chartering vehicles.

As a fleet manager in the charter business, you might feel like you have little control.

That’s where Ontrak Solutions tools are advantageous.

What types of vehicles do you charter?

Do you run a charter bus service or allow others to use your buses?

Do you own a fleet of personal charter vehicles for airport runs or school transportation services?

Your business may be unique in that you deal with different drivers as need requires them.

How will you gain trust and familiarity with their driving skills?

Ontrak Solutions solutions actually let you monitor those who get behind the wheel. Let drivers know that their actions are being recorded. And, coach them to perform in compliance with the law and your safety requirements.

How else can you protect and monitor your fleet?

Add an instant view vehicle camera to your tracking system. You don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to see what is going on. You can be seated in your office and assess situations projected to you via video technology.

Charter businesses find video cameras to be extremely useful.

They reduce costs in case of a collision as they give a clear picture of any motor vehicle events. Claims are settled quickly or even dismissed as a result of the evidentiary video.

Charter services don’t necessarily always follow the same route.

With Ontrak Solutions GPS tracking, your drivers can plan routes and change them when traffic congestion interferes. You can even make suggestions from a remote location.

Location tracking is important to charter vehicles.

You need to know where your cars, vans or buses are on an immediate basis. That’s what Ontrak Solutions solutions can do for you. In the event that a vehicle is lost or stolen, you have the ability to find it.

Are you in charge of managing a fleet of police cars?

There’s no doubt you already know the merits of an instant view vehicle camera with real-time GPS tracking.

It just makes sense.

You have concerns about your officers every moment they are on the road.

Ontrak Solutions gives you the ability to monitor them. First, you will have the confidence that you can find their vehicles in real-time. In the police business, that itself can be a lifesaver.

Get a quick location.

A very vital part of real-time GPS tracking is the ability to see an entire fleet instantaneously. Your police force will be used more efficiently as it is easier to dispatch based on whereabouts. Time can mean the difference between life and death in extreme situations.

Once your officers have been dispatched, you want them to get on the scene as soon as possible. Real-time information shows traffic slow ups and the need for alternate routes.

Police cars move from one call to the next.

Vehicle safety is a priority. Ontrak Solutions solutions give you the ability to monitor driver behavior. Are your officers operating their vehicles safely? Are there times where they unnecessarily leave a car to idle? Check this and more. Cut down on fuel costs and ensure the protection of your police force and fleet.

Real-time coaching is a benefit when it comes to guarding your officers and police vehicles.

Address issues with the way your officers operate their cars. Make sure they are aware that you can discover when they have diverted from an assignment.

Be there, without being there.

Ontrak Solutions puts you on the scene of every stop in real-time. If your officer needs help, you can determine the reason and send back-up assistance without even a formal request. And, if someone makes false allegations? You have the documentation to dispute any fabricated claims. This will also cut down on insurance claims and their payout. You could think of it as technology to the rescue.

Safety First

Police departments provide a tremendous service and place themselves at risk. Gain the confidence and security that you can protect, monitor and manage your fleet remotely.

When it comes to transporting the sick or the injured, time is of the essence.

If you are the manager of a fleet of ambulances, time management is one of your top priorities.
In your case, someone’s life could depend on how quickly your drivers are able to respond to a call.

Track your entire fleet in real-time.

GPS real-time tracking systems offer positive reinforcement for ambulance companies. Instant view vehicle cameras are part of the package. Consider the benefits of knowing where your vehicle is and what it doing at every moment.

Can you see how this can work to your advantage?

Your initial challenge is often determining which rig is closest to the next call. With GPS real-time tracking, you can see your entire ambulance fleet all at once. Make snap dispatch decisions based on location. Lessen response time on emergency calls.

That’s just the beginning.

Ontrak Solutions solutions can help your drivers with directions. They may be accustomed to a particular route. However, it might not be the fastest one. There’s also the possibility that traffic could delay their arrival. You need tools that focus on finding the easiest and shortest route.

But, that’s not all.

Would it help you to monitor your drivers’ behavior? We’re talking the manner in which they operate the ambulance. Are they unnecessarily heavy on the accelerator even in non-emergency situations? Perhaps you are concerned that they are putting themselves and others at risk.

What if there are reports of a motor vehicle incident?

G-force data is collected and evaluated. Even whiplash claims can be disputed based on evidence.

Monitor, Coach, Improve.

With Ontrak Solutions, you can monitor driving patterns and bring them to the forefront. Coach your drivers concerning driving in different situations. Make sure they understand the difference between responding to life and death situations as opposed to a medical transport.

View Video Live From the Scene

Instant view vehicle cameras are a valuable asset used in ambulance fleets. You will have the ability to record or view calls. It’s as though you are on the scene in real-time.

Ambulance Fleet Benefits

If your fleet consists of ambulances, you are charged with important duties. You need tools that will help you act efficiently and safely. After all, your business decisions could impact many lives.