Cutting-Edge Fleet Management Solutions

Effective contemporary transport management gets better when you start to adopt hi-tech solutions that benefit you and your workforce. From vehicle cameras through to dash cams and GPS tracking, we offer a suite of high spec answers.In the event of an accident, cameras clearly show who's at fault. Information on driver speed and consistency can let you know early on if there are any problems; a dependable, electronic driver's log ensures you'll always know who's working when. For a comprehensive picture of what's happening in your fleet when you're not there, our truck tracking and commercial vehicle camera system can work exceptionally well.

Comprehensive Selection of Control Systems

From the installation of GPS tracking through to camera systems, dash cams and an electronic driver log, we can put in place a holistic surveillance system that gives you a wide range of valuable data. All the information obtained from these devices can be accessed remotely – you don't even need to be in the office! Fitting your fleet with our GPS tracking installations or other device options puts you in control.

Vehicle Tracking For Your Company Has Many Benefits

Enhanced punctuality, improved driver performance, increased efficiency and greater accountability are just some of the benefits which installing appropriate surveillance technology can bring. Many companies find that once inventory tracking software, cameras, and GPS tracking have been installed, safety improves; driving behavior becomes more responsible, and there is less likelihood of inappropriate activity (examples being reckless driving, using the vehicle for unauthorized trips or not taking breaks when required). Greater compliance also results in increased efficiency.

GPS Tracking Installations and Many Other Services

We provide custom solutions to a range of different industries, including emergency services, sanitation vehicles, school transport and delivery, as well as construction vehicles and rental cars. Whether you need added protection for vulnerable clients or simply a visual record of what happens in your vehicles when you're not there to check, we can provide the system you need. To find out more about our services or discuss your requirements in more detail, call us at (888) 377-5133.


OnTrak Solutions provides measurable results

Allowing you to co-ordinate, direct and control your mobile assets with maximum efficiency, reduced driver hours, fuel usage, mileage and emissions, as well as increased security, visibility and service levels.

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